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Mangalitsa Jowl

Mangalitsa jowl on Twitpic

The fat distribution of the jowl is not what I have expected. I made Berkshire jowl several time in the past but my recipes didn’t work at all for the Mangalitsa. I marinated about 1.5 lb of the jowl in watered downed Chinese rose wine (玫瑰露酒, Mei Kuei Lu Chiew, a clear sorghum liquor distilled with rock sugar and rose paddles, about 46% alcohol), soy sauce, red curry pastes, kaffir lime leaves and young ginger over night. I then roasted it until the skin is golden brown.

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I wrapped it in foil and put it back in the freezer. Take it out the next day and slice it to 3 mm with a Japanese ceramic medallion slicer. After a quick tasting I put a little bit of salt on top and lay them out on a rack and leave them in the fridge.

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After about a week I served them on a piece of toast and use a torch to create a little bit of char and turn the fat transparent. The melted fat gets soaked up by the toast. Topped with a little bit of fleur de sel. Now we are talking. It smells divine and taste even better.

Mangalitsa jowl marinated with rose sorghum and teriyaki, air... on Twitpic

The other 1 lb piece I slice it 1/4 inch thick, skin on, marinated in teriyaki and soy sauce and a little bit of the Chinese rose wine over night. Then I put them on a rack and air dry it. With Berkshire jowl this would seal the juice in. With the mangalitsa something interesting happened. The Italian got it right. The fat develops a firm, almost rubbery texture and a tangy bite so intriguing that you must try it for yourself. After air drying I put them in the boiler sandwiched between two BBQ net to prevent the jowl fat from curl up. The top net weight it down and make flipping easier. The smell is divine. Alinea had a grill kobe beef dish where they’d bring out hot liquid to pour over dry ice on your table to “bring the smoke out to the table”. This would have been a perfect application to bring that divine smell to the table.

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Finally got a reservation to k…

Finally got a reservation to ko. Will have to see what all the fuss is about

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After living in NY for so many years, finally, my first attempt to get a proper pizza.  I remember when I was in Seattle we used to drive 30 minutes to Columbia City just for a true Napoli style pizza.  It was well worth the drive.  The pillowy, chewy and nutty crust, topped with simple ripe tomato sauce, a few slices of mozzarilla and a few leaf of bazil.  The unfortunate part about pizza in NY is every corner there is a pizza place, and all they sell are thos plasticky slices that they reheat just before serving to you with oil driping from it.  Inexpensive, filling, at least that’s the reputation.  So many people frawn when they hear me say I want pizza and a nice super Tuscany for dinner.

Anyway, this place I went to is called Luzzo.  I got a take out cuz I needed to rush to dance class, so naturally, I eat it in the subway.  I finished the whole pie in about 7 minutes and believe me I would finish it quicker if I could.  I was suprised at how quickly the flavor degraded as the pizza gets cold.  But it was almost everything I was looking for.

$18 for a 12 inch pie.  Expensive, but for a proper pizza, I am satisfied, until I found a better place…

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Terrorism on Halo3

Psychology on the terrorism on Halo 3. (Link gotten from awardtour.net)

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Money Magazine 35th year


Pretty interesting collection of articles. The shift of global wealth to emerging economy and energy producing countries will mean we as American will get less share of the consumption than we do now. This is already happening as price depression slows down as the emerging economy catches up in wages. We are seeing USD denominated food prices such as corn or hogs going up because of increase demand in Asia. Inevitably we Americans are going to have less share of the global resource. So, starting snap up some 82 Lafite and vintage Patek. Their prices have nowhere to go but up.
This present an interesting investment strategy. For the past few years if I measure my portfolio on absolute dollar amount, I did pretty well. But when I measure my portfolio against Euros (since there is no Mark and Franc now), it’s did inline with inflation. Someone needs to come up with a new benchmark for performance. Real estate will remain the biggest investment that wage earning individual will make, reflecting choice of live style. Those who can, will be able to afford high price that real estate will demand. Those who can’t, will get stuck in area will stale home prices. Company with expertise that emerging lack will attract interest from sovereign investments (i.e. UK bank with emerging market focus, Canadian Energy Company, Australian mining company, etc ).

In the short term, liquidity from Asia will keep US and the world economy afloat. These money will fuel the craziness in Asian market for a while. I am probably looking at wrapping up my Asian positions by Christmas. Canada which welcomes foreign investment remain an attractive location if energy and commodity remains at present level. Ex China and India emerging market will prosper from trading out their natural resource but have a hard time fighting for human and other natural resource to grow. I will continue to leave 60% of my investment international and 40% US with shifted focus on large multi national companies like P&G. Small caps will be outperformed as it won’t be able to leverage the globalization trend. So I’ll probably totally getting rid of them by Christmas.

Waste water and emission control related company will become the next biotech, as more consumption will force tighter regulation, forcing evangelist to pour money into so call innovation. Really, it’s no different from RR, auto, airline, radio, TV, internet, etc. Emission trading will become highly profitable business in a few years (much like Chinese garment quota trading in HK). Since they are still relatively unknown, I need to do more homework on them…

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when things goes wrong…

Ordered a new phone and phone plan from wirefly.com.  They offer one of the highest discount/rebate for new cellphones, even cheaper than Amazon.com.  The process is painless.  You send in some info, they forwarded it to carrier, and your phone would be on your way.  Except mine got lost by Fedex.  Since it’s Fedex’s fault I took it up with them.  After a day of tracing they found an empty box.  So I contacted wirefly.

Not only did they not give me any hassle or try to upsell me with their phone replacement plan.  After confirming with Fedex they are shipping me a new phone next day right away.  They of course have to claim that other one through Fedex.  But at least they understand their customer’s need and satisfy that first.  Now that’s customer service.  I haven’t seen something this good besides the early days of Amazon (or if you are a gold star member)

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After 2 months of work I officially moved in to my apartment.  It’s still a bit disorganized with all the boxes and all the cleaning and unpacking I have to do.  And I need to get on with my taxes soon.  But at least moving in was a big relief.  Sometimes life throws random curves at you, and pretty much everything has to happen at the same time.  But thing always works out at the end.

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Weather God’s revenge

Must be weather god’s revenge at this neck of the wood


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The weather god

On Fri, Dec 15, 2006 Kavin Du wrote:
>  t’s 60 degree in NY, how’s the weather in Seattle :D
>  Oh right, you need power to check email… My bad

Ouch man – I shall remember these needless insults the next time the  weather gods are unkind to your neck of the woods.

- Ajit

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US and stem cell research

It really puzzles me how people can watch patients of Parkinsons and other central nerves system disease suffer right in front of their eyes and still have the balls to talk about moral value.  Moral value my ass!

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