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Guang Zhou

I am slowly appreciating the growing pain of GZ software industry. Without the experience ahead of them, the only way to catch up is by working extra hard to finish the last mile.  As unpleasant as it is, people are tryign hard.  Saw this girl again at the hotel.

Placed a bid for a place. Waiting to see what happen.

Add comment September 6th, 2006

Long drive

Ever since moving to the East Coast, I’ve been missing the quiet time I sometimes get int he West Coast. I remember I used to take long drives by myself along the Pacific Coast, 500 miles at a time. During the trip I would have A LOT of quiet time to think about new ideas, and kinda work them out in my head. Now that i move to NY, I don;t drive at all. The subway rides are way too short to load a problem into my head.

1 comment July 29th, 2006

Be Inappropriate, try and do something.

Recently I’ve been thinking about if I miss working in big companys and things that come with it, the big paychecks, the so call peer recognition by them, and the know that there are more jobs like that out there.  Am I being nieve by trying out different shit that doesn’t have a straight “career path”?  Here is an interesting article by Paul Graham.


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Only a geek…

It was so clearly a choice of doing good work xor being an insider that I was forced to see the distinction.”–Paul Graham talking about being a painter in when he was in grad school, from article “Copy What you like”

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Chinese as commodity

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Private loan aggregation site.  The interesting trick is how to uniquely identify a user.  As computer price drop below $100, users who are more likely to need this kind of money are going to be able to have access to these prime+ loans.  They already have it setup so it’s extremely easy to float credit derivatives and take the spread.  It’s the exact kind of system I want to do with microloans, except they did it with MS technology :(

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The honor, right and responsibility

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Damn it !!

I met a really wonderful girl today.  Had a nice conversation while walking her home.  She asked me to call her… and guess what, I was stupid enough not to ask for her number.

The way she talk was cute as a doll.  Little did I know she was smart as a cookie, and she challenge me that she can out drink me.  Man…

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Responsibility and Authority

Responsibilty and authority goes hand in hand together.  That’s one thing I learn at my current job at Charityfolks.  You need to know when to delegate.  And you can’t expect someone to do their job well without giving them the proper authority to make the necessary decision.  If someone’s job is only to presenting a set of options, then the responsibilty ultimitely lies with the decision maker who do the dudiligent of the research and make the choice of which option to use.  But if you are expecting a manger to be responsible for a task, he or she needs to be able to make all the choice to make that task sucessful.
And now I realized what exactly went wrong at PTS.  Management at every level, down to the individual engineers, are being asked to take ownership of the system.  Engineers and managers don’t usually agree with each other, but this time they do.  We need to take a hard look and refactor the system.  Yet management at a higher level wasn’t willing to give the necessary authority for the VPs and like to make the necessary prioritization.  A director’s job is to provide the leadership and the direction for the group.  A manager’s job is to delegate the task necessary to make that vision and prioritize according to needs.  But without the proper authority to prioritize, they are doing their job with one hand tied behind their back.  And that trickle down all the way to individual engineers in that they are too not given any authority to make the necessary prioritization to do their job well.

People are willing to be accountible only as long as their are able to make the decision that will affect the project’s success.  That goes with internal employees and out sourced consultants.  And the sad part is you don’t learn how to up manage until you are asked to assume the responsibility of managing delegation.

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Finally, a new wallet

the last one last for 10 years.  Hopefully this one will too.

paul amith wallet

1 comment May 7th, 2006

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