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Left a long winded voice mail …

Left a long winded voice mail with Vivian’s cleaning lady in my horrible mandarin. Turns out she speaks English and Spanish

Add comment March 31st, 2009

Gilt Groupe Membership Invite

Gilt Groupe is a members only discount site for designer clothes. I was able to grab a pair of Marc Jacob dress pants the other day for $88. It’s stuff is newer than Bluefly and typical discount is about 60% – 70%. Launched by the guys at Silicon Alley. I have a few invite left.

You cab get to the invites here http://www.gilt.com/invite/kv0

Add comment December 24th, 2008

iphone 3G

Saw Kit’s iphone the other day.  It was fast and has a big screen and respond to shaking (which engineer doesn’t like shaking a box and listening to it?), probably going to be more useful than my blackberry.  I figure I can get an iphone and sell the blackberry and net about $150 out and cut my phone bill by $5 every month after.  Went down to AT&T to check.  Need to wait till Sept 26 to become elegable to get it at $199…  Sept 26 it is then.

Making tofu ice-cream this weekend.  Let’s see how that turns out…

1 comment July 23rd, 2008

2.5 inches

I got measured up for a suit last Saturday.  When the sales dude asked me my waist size, I was like “29.5, but I’ve gain some weight, so maybe a 30.”   Got measured up, came out to be a 32.  Good job.

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This afternoon, I went to New York Chinese Noodle House cuz I want a 火肉飯 (roasted pork on rice). Thought about getting the 乳豬飯 (roasted baby pork on rice) but it was $7.50 instead of $3.75 so I stick with my plan. Christmas time, budget time!

Add comment November 26th, 2007

Holding a program in one’s head

Recently read Graham’s new article, well not new, about holding a program in one’s head. Quite interesting, as it talks about something what Amazon engineers called the ‘zone’.

Add comment November 26th, 2007

Creative Zone

My date was making a comparison between engineers and the creative type that I found very amusing.  She said engineers are like designers, they always try go for perfection.  If you give them 10 years to improve the system, they will take the whole 10 years; until there is nothing left to improve on.  It is true in a certain way.  If you ask me to build a system without time constraint, I’ll probably design something that run itself, self recover and not page me for stupid shit like disk full or database unavailable.
But in the business world, most people don’t behave like engineers or designers.  For one, on one in the business world understand something called the creative zone.  It describe a period when you finish loading the entire problem into your head, and starting concentrating in one single problem, filtering out and ignoring all distraction in your surrounding.  That when you get the most productivity out of it.

If you ask me, I don’t believe in multi tasking.  At least not well.  If you have to context switch (switching task) every 10 minutes, you never get a chance to even load the problem into your head.  And if you get interrupted all the time, you instinctively avoid getting into the zone, because  being cut off while you are in it is extremely painful.

Add comment August 17th, 2007

the reward on accomplishment

I managed to get a block of time at work to code, and finished a significant module today. There is nothing more satisfying than a sense of accomplishment; whether it is good code, a deal, a great dinner, an home improvement project, a good night out with friends, a successful date…

Maybe there is no one to pad your back, but the accomplishment is still a reward in itself.

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T-mobile sucks

With this day and age, VOIP is widely popular and dependable. Telecomunication is getting cheaper and cheaper, and competition is abundant. You would think that existing company will improve their service to keep their current customers. No.

On new year day I tried to call someone important to wish her happy new year. For 2 days the circuit was busy. (it’s still busy BTW). 2 Days, pisses me off. Blame the Taiwanese earthquake but most other company are back up. Get your acts together T-mobile !!

1 comment January 1st, 2007

Christmas 2006

I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas for 2006. You gave me lots of wonderful memories over the past year. I hope this season warms your heart as much as you warmed mine

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