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The pursuit of happiness

Went to see Will Smith’s movie this weekend, the pursuit of happiness. It was a beautiful movie. We all have things that’s important to us in our lives, whether its money, social status or just spending time with someone special.  But the truth of the matter is, its not going to be handed to you in a silver platter. Once you figured out, you need to fight for what you want.

Most often than not, it’s about people. I had dinner with a friend last night. He has worked very hard to position to himself to generate a high income.  But I realized what’s really important is he believes the the income will give him social status from other people.  He wants to be some body and income level is goign to give him that.  It’s not about the money, it’s about the people.

At the end of the day, we should be at least as happy as the begining of the day, or know that we are working towords it.

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Out of shape

Was feeling really tired today. Didn’t want to go home after dinner, haven’t really been out doing any shopping. And I know there will be a load of stuff waiting for me to work on when I get home. Stuffy brain, couldn’t think straight. Very dry, keep forgetting things. Hopefully next week I am back being myself next week

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The weather in London was surprisingly nice last weekend. It was nice to see Edith and her girlfriend. I helped them move for the first day, and had brunch at Kensington Palace the next day. It was espcially nice seeing a good friend enjoying her work, enjoyign her life. What more can you ask for?

Celebrate my other friend’s birthday. Missed a train. I was insulted for 3 hours straight. I guess birthday trumps everything esle. At least my fantacy of being touch by 3 different men was fulfilled at the airport. I guess I didn’t go there for nothing.

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Guang Zhou

I am slowly appreciating the growing pain of GZ software industry. Without the experience ahead of them, the only way to catch up is by working extra hard to finish the last mile.  As unpleasant as it is, people are tryign hard.  Saw this girl again at the hotel.

Placed a bid for a place. Waiting to see what happen.

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Couldn’t sleep a few nights ago.  Keep thinking about this friend of mine.  Even tho I do care a lot, sometimes there is really nothing you can do about it.  But I wish things could be different.

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split between 46% INTP and 54% INFP

Alonzo was challeneging my INTP claim. So he sent me several links to retest. I am pretty sure I am INTP based on the descriptions…

INFP – “Questor”. High capacity for caring. Emotional face to the world. High sense of honor derived from internal values. 4.4% of total population.

Free Jung Personality Test (similar to Myers-Briggs/MBTI)

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Long drive

Ever since moving to the East Coast, I’ve been missing the quiet time I sometimes get int he West Coast. I remember I used to take long drives by myself along the Pacific Coast, 500 miles at a time. During the trip I would have A LOT of quiet time to think about new ideas, and kinda work them out in my head. Now that i move to NY, I don;t drive at all. The subway rides are way too short to load a problem into my head.

1 comment July 29th, 2006

My Myers Briggs type

from www.teamtechnology.co.uk/tt/t-articl/mb-simpl.htm
What makes an ISTP tick?

The Dominant function is the judging one of Thinking. Characteristics associated with this function include:

  • Likes making decisions on the basis of logic, using objective considerations
  • Is concerned with truth, principles and justice
  • Is analytical and critical, tending to see the flaws in situations
  • Takes an objective approach

The judging Thinking function is introverted. That is, Thinking is used primarily to govern the inner world of thoughts and emotions. The ISTP will therefore:

  • spend time thinking analytically, organising thoughts on a logical basis
  • develop an understanding of the principles involved in a situation
  • spontaneously feel critical of a person or situation, but not necessarily express that criticism
  • be inwardly decisive, but not communicate those decisions to others
  • think mostly about impersonal issues, focusing more on concepts, truths and systems rather than individuals’ feelings

The Thinking function is primarily supported by extraverted Sensing perception. That is, Sensing perception is used primarily to manage the outer world of actions and spoken words. This will modify the way that the Thinking is directed, by:

  • focusing the (inner world) Thinking on understanding practical or mechanical problems
  • perceiving appropriate facts to support the logical analysis

The classic temperament of an ISTP is Dionesian, or Sanguine, for whom freedom is a basic driving force – seeking to enjoy the present.

Contributions to the team of an ISTP

In a team environment, the ISTP can contribute by:

  • being a source of information, or an ‘expert’ in some subjects
  • using analytical skills to produce practical solutions to difficult problems
  • encouraging the team to think, and then act
  • having a cool head in a crisis
  • applying relevant and realistic logical arguments
  • encouraging the team to realistically assess the situation

The potential ways in which an ISTP can irritate others include:

  • focusing too much on the current task at the expense of longer term or interpersonal issues
  • not seeing the wood for the trees
  • not completing a task before moving on to the next one
  • not communicating his/her understanding of the situation
  • taking shortcuts
  • seeming to flit from one thing to another

Personal Growth

As with all types, the ISTP can achieve personal growth by developing all functions that are not fully developed, through actions such as:

  • taking time to consider the impact of the ISTP’s approach and ideas on people’s feelings
  • expressing appreciation towards others
  • consulting others, to engender ownership of the solution
  • learning to acknowledge and develop the ISTP’s own emotions and personal values
  • developing a long term personal strategy
  • developing personal relationships for their own sake

Recognising Stress

As stress increases, ‘learned behaviour’ tends to give way to the natural style, so the ISTP will behave more according to type when under greater stress. For example, in a crisis, the ISTP might:

  • withdraw from people, to think through possible solutions
  • use tried and trusted solutions to short-term problems
  • criticise others efforts and ignore their feelings
  • sort out detailed points that could perhaps wait

Under extreme stress, fatigue or illness, the ISTP’s shadow may appear – a negative form of ENFJ. Example characteristics are:

  • displaying intense feelings towards others, or insisting on things being done without any logical basis
  • being very sensitive to criticism
  • having a gloomy view of the future
  • attributing unrealistic negative meaning to others actions or statements

The shadow is part of the unconscious that is often visible to others, onto whom the shadow is projected. The ISTP may therefore readily see these faults in others without recognising it in him/her self.

1 comment May 16th, 2006

NYC Shopping

New York City is a great place to shop, but I was surprise how much customer service varies from place to place. I shop mostly at low to mid end street front stores like Zara and Barney’s, so I don’t usually expect much. Recently I’ve had an experience at a small place called Earnest Sewn.

I wanted a pair of jeans couple of weekends ago because I was getting fat. So I went to this place in the meat packing district. Some decent stuff. So I got fitted and placed an order. I was told that I will get it in 1 week, and it will be shipped to me. I called in 1 week. They lost my order. The has lost my size too. GREAT!! Now I have to go there to get fitted again. Accident happens, but what got me pissed was that the clerk didn’t even care!! He refuse to do a refund, and insist that I make the trip to the store to get fitted again.

Blah blah blah. Fine. They have my money, so I have to go in. I got my new pair, a dark maze 3d, happy and all. The fit was alright, but the thread work is great. The wash was a no frill standard one. But in 4 short days, the fabric was torn.  This is jeans we are talking about.  Crap, don’t tell me i have to deal with that stupid clerk again. So I send an e-mail to corporate, and they assigned a sale rep Sarah to help me out. She told me to send it in for repair and she’ll take care of it, so I did. The repair job was great. They really take their time doing it, matching the thread work to the grain and so on. I have no complains and all, but it seems like a lot of trouble of a simple pair of jeans, isn’t it?

I am probably sticking with generic stores like Barney’s from now on. Last time when the altering department appeared to have lost my pair of pants, Nicki from the men’s dept spend couple of days looking for it. She found it at the end, but at one point she though she couldn’t. So she offered me a refund or try to keep looking. I am sure it cost more to look for it than to refund me. What I am impressed about is she managed to do this in the middle of Christmas. Sometimes having employee like this can mean a lot to the customer.

2 comments May 4th, 2006

Is it OK to care?

Is it OK to still care about people you’ve once dated, went out with, but didn’t work out? I think it is. There was a reason why I liked them. And for some other reason it didn’t work out. So if both of us knows its not meant to be, is it so bad that I still care?

1 comment April 24th, 2006

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