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my new car

Gosh, it was soooo hot today, I decided it’s time to get a wine fridge. So I drove my new car, yup, new car, if you can call that a car that is. I got it last week to learn stick shift so it was probrably the 3rd time I drove it.

I managed to left the headlight on the first day, so my co-worker Kevin was jumping it. Doesn’t work. So I figure the battery ran out and we should get a new one the next day. Next morning I got the manual to looked for the battery type, and my co-worker Pradip thought we might as well give it another try. Turns out there is a picture of the battery in the manual, and guess what, the black cable is the positive. Every engineer knows that red is live and black is negative. Gee! What are they thinking. Oh well, saved $50, so no complain.

The car was soooo cool cuz it was so ghetto. If I send my mom a picture she’ll probrably send money and fly over to take me home. It has a whooping 63 horse power, and got spray painted over the left side. On highway it sounds like it was gonna fall apart. I could keep on pressing the gas and it just won’t go pass 65. It’s absolutely amazing and I’m loving it. And to top that, it has a working A/C. I am going to valet park it at Morton’s one day and see what happens :D

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