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Japan Trip

Setting sail on June 25th

Day 0 (flight to Tokyo)
Most flight to Tokyo departs in the afternoon.

Day 1 (Tokyo)
We’ll arrive at Tokyo in the afternoon 24 hours later (timezone). Today
is a free day. Because people are arriving at differet time, we’ll meet
at the hotel in the evening. We should go out.

Day 2 (Tokyo)
We’ll wake up, walk around Tokyo. There is a lot to see. We won’t have
time to see everyhing, but we’ll get a flavor of it. Get some good food.
We’ll get a good night sleep tonight.

Day 3 (Mt Fuji)
Today is the day. Those who wish to wake up for the Tokyo fish market can
do so. And we can go for breakfast. Otherwise we’ll take the 9:30am
train to Mount Fuji. Mt Fuji is an active volcano that’s 12460ft high.
We’ll take a bus from the train station to the middle of the mountain.
The mountain is divided into 10 stations. We’ll start our hike from the
fifth station. There are lockers where we can store our stuff. The bus
takes about 1 hour. We’ll sleep on the train and the bus and start our
climb at about 1.

If you can run 4 miles in 1 hour, you can climb this mountain.
Conservatively speaking it takes 5-8 hours to get to summit. Elevation
gain is 4640ft. It’s rainy season, but we should be good once we go above
the low cloud. The lodging includes dinner and breakfast. We’ll be
staying at 8th station for the night. There’s nothing to do at the 8th
station. We’ll get a good night sleep

Day 4 (Mt Fuji)
We’ll wake up at 4:00am to continue the climb. We’ll try to be at the top
by sunrise. It takes 1.5 hours to do a full circle on the rim. We’ll
head down at 9:00am to catch the 2:00pm bus. We’ll take another train to
Takayama. We’ll have dinner at Takayama and stay there for the night.

Day 5 (Takayama)
When Kyoto was built, everything was built by hands without the use of
nails. Because of that they need a lot of craftsman. And Takayama is the
place these craftsman use to stay. Today it’s a town with much of its
heritage preserved. We’ll go visit some houses where these private
citizens lived in, check out the marning market, and take a look at some
local crafts. We’ll stay at Takayama for the second night.

Day 6 (Kyoto)
We’ll travel to Kyoto today. From Takayama it’s a 2 hour train ride.
We’ll leave either in the morning or at noon. Kyoto is a city where the
Royals used to live. We’ll see a lot of historical buildings being
preserved to its original shape. When we get to Kyoto, we’ll have some
time to walk around. We’ll do the philosopher’s walk, which connec a lot
of historical building on Kyoto together. The walk itself takes 1.5
hours. We’ll stay there for 3 nights

Day 7 (Himeji)
Today we’ll take a day trip to Himeji Castle just 2 hours away from Kyoto.
It’s kinda like the seeing a castle in London thing. One of those you
must do to say ou’ve been to Kyoto. It’s huge and it looks really nice in
the picture. I know nothing about it. But the travel book highly
recommended it, and it’s one of the world culture hertitage site.

Day 8 (Kyoto)
Today we’ll spend time in Kyoto, seeing the things we haven’t seen, which
should be a lot.

Day 9 (Koya San)
We have to get our asses to Koya San by 5:00pm to checkin for the night.
So we’ll leave in the morning. We’ll take a train and a cable car to get
there. The town is built around several main temple. We’ll be staying in
one of the smaller ones called Œõ–¾‰@. In buddism you have a lot of ideals
you can worship. Each temple is built for one or two.

The one we are staying at is some Prince something something. (http://
www.shukubo.jp/jpn/syuku/jiin/a/a43.htm) During the summer, the mountain
is usually filled with mist in the morning. Koya San gets a lot of
traffic during the day from different worshiper. But at night it’s
quiet and calm. Meals will be served at our temple, breakfast and
dinner. It’s vegaterian meal built around the famous Koya San tofu. (
http://www.shukubo.jp/jpn/syuku/form/ryouri.htm) Think of it as a going
to a spa. This again, is one of world culture heritage site.

Day 10 (Koya San)
Today we have the opportunity to participate in morning prayer. It’s
not mandatory, but since we cant read the words, it’s gonna be really
funny. After breakfast we’ll walk around. We’ll come back at night for
dinner. I wonder if we could sneak in some sake…

Day 11 (Hiroshima)
After breakfast we’ll leave for Hiroshima. There is nothing touristy to
see at Hiroshima. I made that mistake once when I go to Poland. The
entire city was flatten in second world war. The only thing there is
memorials. But it’s a stop we have to make to go to Miyajimi Island

Day 12 (Miyajimi Island)
Day trip to Miyajimi Island. The most famous site in Miyajima is the
red floating gate to a shine. It is also one of Japan’s national park.

Day 13 (beppu)
We’ll leave for Beppu. Beppu is a hot spring resort. It’s highly
commercialized just like any other hot spring resort. But it’ll be cool
to see what it is like. There are public bath houses we can check out.
But every local hotel should also come with it’s own hot spring bath.
We’ll stay here for a night.

Day 14 (beppu)
We’ll hang out in Beppu for one more day. We’ll take the evening
sleeper train to Tokyo. I’ll try t find out if we have to pay extra.

Day 15 (Home)
We’ll arrive at Tokyo in the morning. That would give us enough time
for the afternoon flight home. Because of timezine different, we’ll be
arriving on the same day one hour later.

That’s what I have so far…

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