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Who moved my cheese

I don’t usually smoke unless I am really stressed. And even still I
average less than 4 cigarette a year. Today I picked up one.

There is nothing obvious to be stressful about. I guess it’s the thought
of change that keeping me up. I know it’s a small move, and I have a good
idea of what I am doing. But there is still a lot of things that are
unknown. Where am I going to find a job after playing around for a while?
Where am I going to stay if my sister comes back to NY? I know it’ll be
a long shot to afford my own place. My job here is getting much better
under this new manager. He is letting me do my thing and gives a very
hands off approach, as long as I deliver the goods. Am I making a stupid
move? So much so for embracing the change… I know I need to make this
step. Life is all about change. Just like going up to say the first word
to a girl across the room. It’s something I need to get used to if I want
to get anywhere. But still, the first word is always hard. I am giving
up something I know, something I am used to. Like giving up control over
all the little thing you know about.

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