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How to steal your neighbor’s wireless

So you know someone in your neighborhood has high speed wireless access. You are too cheap to pay for it, but the signal is too weak for your card to pick it up? That’s me. I just bought some gears rom Amazon so I can steal my neighbor’s wireless. Hehe, can’t believe I waited this long to do it. Here’s the gear that you’ll need:

1. WiFi Signal Locator
2. WiFi Antenna
3. 802.11g bridge/repeater

Find the location in your home where you can get the stronger signal using the signal locator. Then hook up your antenna facing the direction that give your the strongest signal. Hook it up to the bridge/repeater. The bridge allows you to plug your ethernet device to it, and the repeater part should rebroadcast the signal to your home.

If the signal is encrypted, you’d have to pick another source. At $40 a month, the units should pay itself off in a few months.

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Soul Mate

Tracy and I were talking about soul mate on the drive from Yale to JFK. It reminded me of this conversation with my friend V a while ago

Do you believe there is at least one soul mate for everyone? Reality sometimes makes it difficult for me to believe in soulmates. Maybe I haven’t met mine yet, or maybe I am afraid to meet mine. What if he/she doesn’t turn out to be the one? At different point in life we all have different needs. Does your soul mate have to grow with you the same way then?

I often found myself having different friends at different stage. For me a soul mate is someone who you could reflect on. Someone who respect you as an individual. Someone who cares to take the time to stop, and listen to your stories. They are the people who will make you feel better even without saying a word. They are the people who know how you feel even without you saying anything. But different people choose to walk their life differently. Does that make them not your soul mates? I guess you’d say no. What if you never find your real soul mate? Would you accept having a different soul mate for a different stage of your life?

Have you seen the movie “lost in translation”? Do you think they are each other’s soul mate? The thing is they are probrably not going to click if they met at different point in life. But at that moment they each fulfill a need in each other’s heart. It is as if they found a missing piece in their life that they need in order to grow. Then they decided to take their seperate path. Is it important that they connect the same way if they see each other 10 years later? There are many people who cross our path in life. Some may make an impression, some may not. I guess for me a soul mate is someone who walks a section of the path with me, and helped each other grow. We may decide to take different path, but that’s okay. They will always have their place in my heart, and I will always charish the memory that we had together.

Tracy’s take on this is she will marry the person she love the most, or she wouldn’t get marry at all. But sometimes circumstances prevent us from marrying the one we love the most. And what if you spend all you life trying to find this soulmate and you missed the person right next to you?

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Cirque du Soleil

Saw the O from Cirque du Soleil when I was Vegas. It was one of the most amazing show I’ve seen. The show starts with a member of the audience being dragged on stage, and the curtain opens up to a amazing Tim Burton world. With French color guards and carousel horses, ballet girl and half bodies man, all floating and dancing in the air. Immediately you are sucked into this surreal world the choreographer carefully created. Those who are interested in the soundtrack and are on m4a, let me know.

The storyline (if there is such a thing in
Cirque du Soleil shows) is about a boy (the guy from the sudience) chasing after a beautiful young girl with into this imagenary world. The chase lead the audience from one scene to another. Everytime he is almost there, the girl would slip out of his hand. It is as if that beautiful young girl exist only in his imagination.

In a way it reminds me of one of my friend. She is relatively sucessful accountant, pretty hot, dances well. But she set her standard so high that turn off a of of really nice guys. She wants someone who are more successful and more educated than she is, socially popular, funny, open doors and pull out chairs for her. Someone who knows about wine, someone who can take her to operas and shows and state dinners. It is as if she keep chasing this imaginary guy who doesn’t exist.

I was talking to Tracy the other day. Is it true that our education limit the pool of potential mates? She just got a master from Yale, and I was telling her how difficult it is to find someone who can share a conversation with you. Appearantly she had that same conversation with Edith a while ago. Is higher edication adversely affecting morden women finding their singnificant others?

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litchi gummy

finish a bag of litchi gummy in a day, again !! Man, I need to stop buying these things !!

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