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Stay hungry, Stay foolish

Steve Joe’s commencement speech at Stanford.

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Type-A and Type-B

There are two types of people I work with. Some I’d ask them to do something and they’ll figure it out along the way, occasionally come back for questions, but pretty much take cares of the whole thing. There is another type that expects me to spell out everything for them and hand hold them throught out the process.

I found out there is the third type yesterday, which goes and doesn’t figure it it, don’t come for questions. And when I ask if it was done, he’d come back with a list of blocking task which he hasn’t done anything about!!! Have some balls for crying out loud. Do something to unblock yourself. If it takes calling something every 30 minutes to get it done, do it!! It’s your job for crying out loud. Pisses me off

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death of film photography

I went to my pro lab today to look to get something printed. It turns out they have converted into a all digital workflow. All negative brought in will be scanned and optically printed with color laser. Factored in the scanning charge, it is going to get prohibitlly expensive to get something printed from a negative. I think what’s going to push it over the edge is not no-one would be using film, just that those wanted to continue to use film will be faced with a bigger and bigger financial barrier. Unless you have access to your own lab this is goint ot get more and more difficult.

Now I have to send my stuff to Dugal in NYC or A&I in Burbank if i want to get them printed… or start saving up $20k for that phase one back and digital Leica. Damn it!!!

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sick today :(

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《一個人住第5年》 a silly little book, but really funny :D

A cute Asian girl flirting with me today in the elevator. Made my day ;) Too bad she has to get out before I get to ask her name. Maybe I’ll start dressing nicer to work from now on.

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on spotted shrimps

Do you think yellow tail know that they taste so good? I mean, fruit taste good for a reason. But it should be a evolution advantage for animal or fish to not taste as good, so they won;t get eaten as often. But then, how would you know that. You don’t take a bite of yourself and say “Gee, I taste really good. I better find a mate that tast aweful so my offspring can survive”

yellow tail sashimi

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…10 more days till my trip to Japan!! So excited. I have been planning this trip for 4 years. Of course it would have been better id everyone can join us, but it should still be fun. I’ll be seeing Ronnie and hanging out with Sam for the first time in a long while. Can wait till the 24th.

But there are so much going on between now and then. My project is launching on the 30th (yup, while I am gone), and I am now in a hurry to move it to production. I have two shoots on Saturday, and a wedding shoot the day after. That give me precisely 4 days to turn them around. Good that I already started packing already. So, the trip should be a nice break. I already got a lot of films ready for pictures ;)

On top of all the things that are going on, I still haven’t decided if I want to do a Master in Economics or an MBA. Both have significant different career paths and application process. Recently I switch my news source to ft.com (used to be cnnfn.com), and it got me more exposure in regional economics. In the recent articles, there is a growing trend that emerging countries are increasing their foreign currency reserves. Being as poor as these countries are in terms of infastructure and education system, there are much more useful places in their country to deploy the cash rather than financing US overcomsumption. I know that sort of things are the topics that I am interested in. I think it would be a bit more meaningful than a MBA in terms of understanding of the world.

But then there is the money part. Being the eldest son of the family I am going to need to support my parents at some point. With a Economics degree the career path is not as clear. I probrably won’t start off with a high paying job, nor would I go and start up my own company; both of which I wanted to do at some point ;) So I guess the choice is all about priority…

But one thing I do know. Before I leave Seattle, I am going to get certified for diving. Those spoted shrimps sushimi are sooo delicious. diving

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Look what I found today ;D

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forgot to put the cover on the rice cooker. . . No rice for me :(

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INTC and China’s one child policy

Missed INTC when IBM announced weak PC sales last month. The reason I like Intel has to do with China’s one child policy. If I have a choice of occupation in China, it would have to be a private piano teacher or a private English tutor. Because of the one child policy, each and every child is the crown jewel of their family. Being a competitive nation, parents are willing to spend pretty much anything on their child, esp on education related expenses. Intel is know for their marketing to consumer, and they do a much better job in that than AMD does. With the income level raising in China, more money will pour into education related items, such as Intel.

pic 1. Mexican disguised as a car seat, busted by US custom

I wonder if he has someone sitting on this guy when he is crossing the border. Sometimes I really impressed with the determination and ingenuity that some of these people have. When was the last time you take the risk to think out of the box? We need more of them. It gives me even more reason to support opening the border

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