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What I did today

  • My dinner chicken fell on my lap.
  • Late to the airport. Picked up 2 of my friends and 2 LARGE suitcases in my trusty 53 horse power car.
  • Fixed my windshield wiper so now it actually wipe out the water, but it’s making this metronome sound that my friend couldn’t stop making jokes about
  • Went to swing dance. Made a fool out of myself just like any other night.
  • Finally went into the Pomme Frites place. It was better than anything in Seattle, but still a long way compared to NYC.
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    a 30 year launch schedule

    One of my friend got me a bottle of 15 year “fine oak” Macallan from his vacation. It sounds a little strange so I did a little research.

    For those of you who are not whiskey fan, Macallan is a whiskey house that’s famous for aging it’s single malt in barrel that used to hold sherry, known as sherry cask. On the box it says the whiskey is split aged in American burbon cask and sherry cask. American burbon is usually aged in virgin French oak. The inside is fire chared just before the whiskey is poured in and aged. This particular bottle that I have is first age in such barrel, poured out and age the second time in sherry cask. Macallan’s charater is usually on the sweet side due to the quality of the sherry cask that they used. This is going to be very interesting with the added smokiness. I can wait to open it.

    So I look in the company’s website. It turns out this is the first new product line that they launch in 180 years. This new product line ranges from 8 yr old to 30 yr old. So some wacko 30 year ago, before I was even born, was sitting in a dungeon somewhere thinking about this product launch. Imagine convincing management on a 30 year launch schedule? In 1970 Macallan is already doing very well with their regular product line. You have to convince people to put part of the malt away for this new product, which won’t see the shelf until 30 yars later. Anything we are drinking now is planned and went through demand forcasting at least 12 years ago. Being a product that’s heavily affected by world economy and trends, this is some amazing job. Cheers, let’s drink to that.

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    real world

    :( V doesn’t talk to me anymore…

    Got my first real taste of office politics and I absolutely hated it. But I am going to stick around. My current boss is willing to teach me all these stuff, and I want ot learn it all. I figure I need to know it anyway if I want to move to the business side. Although it makes me want to turn in my badge everyday, it is a good experience to have. I get to know myself better in a sense. I realized I pretty much live for the action, wether it is crsis or planned initiative. At some point I just owe it to myself to start my own company.

    Got my INTC. Sold C before the management shake up, but not because of that. Rather I sold it on inflation worry and the new that Sandy wanting to leave.

    Swaped 1/2 of AMGN for DNA. I like DNA’s pipeline and prospect better than AMGN, but AMGN is a big and steady performer. Since they are in the same sector, don’t want to over allocate.

    Going to swap all JNJ to UNH. I like the managed care subsector better then big phama. After what happened to Vioxx, the FDA is likely to tightten release schedule. There is also a real risk that big phama will be expose to more law suits. Managed care have less of that risk. Although I did got burn in THC. The thing I am worry about is UNH have quite a bit of real estate, although it has offload it through a technique called sell and lease. Basically when real estate price raise, in order to take the gain, company will sell the property to another holding company at market price, then lease it back from that company. A lot of time it will also off load the real estate exposure by selling part of that holding company.

    I also own MDT

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    A new chinese dish

    had some left over egg white from making bread puuding, so decided to randomly make a dish. Turns out pretty well.

    3 oz heart of chives
    6 dry scallop
    4 egg white
    2 eggs
    1 pinch of salt
    1 tblsp olive oil

    Soak the dry scallop in 100ml of warm water overnight, then steam for 30 minutes until soft. Tear into small pieces. Lightly beat the eggs and add the scallop and water. Cut heart of chive in short sections, stir fried in olive oil. Stir in the egg mixture. Turn the bottom layer up with a whisk and scramble the egg mixture. Add pinch of salt.

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    My left butt cheek

    Went out during the weekend. I had no idea how I got home. Didn’t remember leaving the club, didn’t remember getting in a cab either. All I remember was there’s some girl called Jennifer. But anyway, my clothes are all clean so I probably did’t puke. All I know is I spend $70 more than I remembered, and the process involve me fall on my ass at some point. No, only my ass hurts. My ass hole is fine.

    I placed the ordered for my powerbook yesterday. Amazon has a $150 rebate on the new 12 inch power book. Throwing in the rest of my employee discount, the $20 associate kick back, AMZN credit card points and shipping out of state, it should come out to about $1280. I also ordered a 200GB external harddrive @ $149 after rebate, which spins at 7200 RPM rather than the 5400RPM on the powerbook. I can use the AMZN credit card points from these guys to get 1GB of RAM and swap out the 256Mb chip, which runs an additional $189.

    You must be wondering what the cat has to do with used books. Well, come on in and find out.

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    Someone as popular as she is probably aren’t going to be interested in me. But I couldn’t I get it out of my system. Perhaps I am always looking for someone who’s unobtainable. She fun and open minded, a little silly at times. But most of the fun was catching what she was thinking before she even says it.

    I think it would help if I am in the right court. People I attract are usually in the chruch game, where as people I get attracted to are in the bar game. Maybe I should switch court at some point…

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    trap in my car with a pizza

    Got “traped” in my trusty snoremobile today. I was driving down Rainer to pick up some paint for the car, and on the way back stopped at Tutta Bella for a pizza to take out. Boxed in with the pizza, driving back was horrible. The intoxicating mozzarella and marinara smell coming out from the box made all my vines tickles. I so wish I get trap in a traffic jam so I can eat that thing.

    I got a red light. Man! So step back a little. Tutta Bella is this pizza joint in seattle that probably have the best pizza this side of the Mississippi. It a true Napoli style pizza. If you ever had one, you’ll never forget it. The dough is nutty in taste with a pillowie texture. The sauce is simple and sweet. With a few leaf of basil on and fresh moz, man, this is almost haven. Unfortunately the light is green again

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    little girl not included. On my way to the apple store (getting a new toy!)

    Dlim with Karen’s handbag.

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