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of beers and hats

Yesterday I had my reception for my photo exhibition at Starbucks. A few of us went to a place called Lark for dinner afterward. Lark is one of those tasting resturant were you get small portions of very simple dishes that are meant to be shared. We had heirloom tomato lobster salad, braised park, crispy duck legs, roasted eels, foi gras, hanger beef, rainbow chad and wild mushroom. Every dish was meticulously prepared. And there was this lamb dish that was so good that we were trying to figure out if it was really lamb. Well, I don;t think we want to find out.

We went to a neighborhood bar called the stumbling monking afterward. They have the most interesting collection of Belgian beer in town. At some point a customer brought her dog in. And let me tell you, when you find yourself talking to a dog trying to explain to him how good the Belgian triple you are having, you had one too many beer.

What is it about hat anyway. I am not talking about a baseball cap or a sun hat or anything like that. I am talking about those giant hat that’s bigger than your head and cover half of it too. I always get a feeling that these people are very insucre about themselves, or that they have an insecure moment. And the hat is the pefect escape that shield them away from the rest of the world, similar to how cigarette creates a shield of some people at a bar. It’s like in the mist of trying to get to know more people, some still put up a shield to protect themselves. I guess that how our society is developing into now.

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