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Sales Oncall

NYC transit union (who run NYC’s subways and buses) decided to go on strike. They are ask for 8% raise every year, retirement age at 55 and declining MTA’s proposal for contributing 6% to their pension fund that will pay out 50% of their last year’s salary starting at 55. Average payout of their pension plan is a little over $1.5 M. What on earth are they smoking? I want some of that too.

Anyhow. Because of the transit strike, I got a ring from my manager at 2:00 in the morning. Guess what? It’s crisis managment all over again. We move up to a suite close to work at 3:00 in the morning, preparing to open the store as usual. We allocate two other workers to come into the city starting at 5:30, arrange two other workers to move out from Brooklyn at a later time to the suite, and open up 10:00am sharp. I think I am still enjoying the managed chaos that my last job trained me for. Perhaps I should aim for a more complex position when I look for a job.

We now have a suite opposite to work for ppl to go crash, and I have my cellphone on 24/7. Sound familiar? My PTS experience does come in handy at sometimes.

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