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class B engineer

Before I start I need to declaim that there is no such thing as a class B engineer. Alonso successfully convinced me that the reason pointy hair manager exist is to be able to motivate engineers who might be stuck in less than perfect environment to perform. As a lead engineer, it is your job to make the best use of the resource you have at hand; whether it be boxes, software or engineers. Yes, this is coming from ME.

throw Praz(); [inside joke]

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed every bit only working with the smartest engineers on the market. But the reality is that this environment is far and few between. If you flip the picture around from the view of a so called “class B engineer”, a lead is being class B for not begin able to make the best use out of him.

Working in a small company I get to see a lot of people. I am willing to bet that none of us would do as good of a job if I were to put you in the shoes of an insurance salesmen.  Of course we all love to hire people who have experience in doing what we want to do. But I didn’t know any payment knowledge when Vikas hired me. Everyone has a learning curve. It is the job of the lead to cultivate their junior.

It’s my chance to do a good job this time.

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