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Limited Edition Brazilian rosewood Eames Lounge Chair

Herman Miller decided to make a limited edition Eames Lounge chair for their chair’s 50th Anniversary. Marketing effort, blah blah blah. But the cool part is that they offer a Brazillian rosewood version for about $850 more, bringing to total price to about $4000.
If you are planning on getting one already, the $850 premium is a real bargin. The veneer is called santos palisander. My walnut one is not bad already, but the grain on this one is abslutely stunning. Herman Hiller hasn’t make the rosewood version since the late 70s, making this even more desirable. It is also what Charles and Ray Eames intented the chair to look.
I was considering swaping my walnut one for a rosewood one. But between the buy and sell I would have to pay about $2200 for it. Probably not worth it. But I would totally do it for $1500.

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Is it OK to care?

Is it OK to still care about people you’ve once dated, went out with, but didn’t work out? I think it is. There was a reason why I liked them. And for some other reason it didn’t work out. So if both of us knows its not meant to be, is it so bad that I still care?

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Worse work day in my life

Yesterday I had the worst work day in my life. Being in a startup teach you a lot of things, and this is one of those you wish you had learned a little earlier. Working in a big company you take a lot of things for granted, such as emails, network, etc. In a small company it doesn’t make sense to have a dedicated person handling it, so being the tech guy, I am taking care of it. And NO, I am not a sysadmin. So that sometimes that means I have to do things outside of my comfort zone and learn how to do sysadmin on the fly.

Originally we had hired an external consultant to set things up. Everything seems to be working. But one thing I learned about consultant is they have no sense of ownership. They are paid by the job, and when the job is done, they go home. Which is fine and all, except that things we also take for granted like redundancy and ease of upgrade wasn’t part of the deal.

So, the unfortunate happens when during the process of setting up Blackberry Enterprise Server, I corrupted one of the windows registry file. Microsoft Window Server depends on something called Active Directory. Exchange and other application feed off Active Directory and use it to build the Global Catalog. If you only have 1 Active Directory
and 1 Exchange Server, it’s a good idea to put them in a different places. Ours was in the same machine that went down.

That was at 6:00pm. We lost the e-mail server and the staff permission setting. And NO, our consultant did not setup a replicating AD on any of our other servers. My stomach flips over as I watch the machine failed to reboot.  (I had no idea)  Luckily we had backup tapes, or so I thought. One thing I have to applaud Windows for is that you can pretty much figure things out along the way. But the worst time to “figure things out” is when you know you have to get it done by 9:00am next morning. On top of this my mom called and told me that my grandma from my dad side whom I’ve never met has passed away. Crap. But I had to keep going.

Installing the AD, getting back on the network, talking to the tape farm, finding out AD can’t restore remotely, pulling the SCSI card, cataloging the tape… At 9:00am my stomach had already flipped over 3 or 4 times, as i keep running into road block and making u turns.  The thing finally worked.  It was the worst work day ever. It’s like learning how to drive with your entire company staff on board in the middle of heavy fog, yet all of them are counting on you to get them there on time.

Now that this is almost over, I did learn a thing or two about sysadmin, how things should be setup. I have since install redundant Active Directory and Exchange into our network. But the more important thing I learn is that even in a startup, you need to know when to delegate, even when there is no one down the chain. Sometimes it’s just not worth the trouble to do things yourself.

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sick again


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Aperture Vs Lightroom

Adobe recently announced a free beta version of it’s RAW image editing program called Lightroom. So I downloaded and tested it. It’s not supposed to be a replacement for photoshop. A good analogy would be that Lightroom is for photographer while Photoshop is for artist. When you do a shoot (a term Lightroom uses too), the images taken are usually in similar condition. For example, my friend Evan’s studio light produce a 5430K light source. Lightroom allows you to apply a mask to these images, and use a master mask to apply to all of them. You can then edit the rest of the shoot individually.

In Lightroom (and Aperture) you can change how the different channel of light come together. You can apply different channel mask to highlight and shadow. The workflow is much much easier than that in Photoshop. And the file management is much much better than in photoshop.  But what it didn’t let you do a fine edit the photos, clean them up of flaws and retouch them area by area.  It is design to work with photoshop and not replace it.

Apple response by dropping their price by $200 on Ampeture. That’s 40% off the original price. It is probably a move to “check” Adobe into lowering it’s initial offering price for Lightroom.

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This weeks menu

-roasted bone marrow

  1. ice water bath for 24 hours
  2. roasted at 450 degree for 25 mins
  3. sprinkle salt on top

-beef short ribs cooked in red wine

  1. beef short rib, thick cut
  2. soaked in red wine over night with carrots, leek and mushroom
  3. seared in mustard, slow cook in red wine, herbs and beef broth for 4 hours
  4. fish out ingredient, cold filtered gravy
  5. warm both meat and gravy, serve soup like on couscous

-chocolate soufle

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Thank you for smoking

Brillliant movie. I think it was as good as office space. I am going to get the DVD when it comes out.

Went to a place called Lederhosen for dinner. It’s a classic German pub, with items like schnitsel, goulasch, spaetzle and schweinebraten. It was so good, and such a bargin ($5 for .5L beer, good beer that is), I am sure I will go back again. Highly recommended.

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