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Out of shape

Was feeling really tired today. Didn’t want to go home after dinner, haven’t really been out doing any shopping. And I know there will be a load of stuff waiting for me to work on when I get home. Stuffy brain, couldn’t think straight. Very dry, keep forgetting things. Hopefully next week I am back being myself next week

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Craig’s List

What else can you add to craig’s list to make it better? Well, what else can you take out and still make it work? Nothing. That’s exactly why it is such a beauty.

My friend Ajit recently finished Amazon’s EC2. It was one of the few beautiful API I have seen for a while. It has lots of feature, and not an ounce of fat. That’s right. There is no bells and whistles. Everything is there for a reason, and without it it wouldn’t work.

I know exactly how difficult this is, because I am trying to take my team’s API there, while convincing our business folks we need less options or less features. The delima I am facing is trying to be the core service provider and a value added service all at the same time. And it is difficult to explain the chinese wall theory to a bunch of Chinese developers. Once you allow Craig’s list to have fancy Ajax and user preference and recommendations, Craig’s list is no longer the slender beauty that it is now.

So, please no fancy AJAX for EC2.

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