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Weather God’s revenge

Must be weather god’s revenge at this neck of the wood


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Stock up on your Lange & Sohne

FT.com’s article on how globalization and the increased financial inequality in Asia affected wine prices

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T-mobile sucks

With this day and age, VOIP is widely popular and dependable. Telecomunication is getting cheaper and cheaper, and competition is abundant. You would think that existing company will improve their service to keep their current customers. No.

On new year day I tried to call someone important to wish her happy new year. For 2 days the circuit was busy. (it’s still busy BTW). 2 Days, pisses me off. Blame the Taiwanese earthquake but most other company are back up. Get your acts together T-mobile !!

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Light shopping in NYC

When shopping in the lighting district which is about 3 blocks 40 odd light fixture shops on Bowery north of Grand. Because of the competition, prices are sometimes lower than the internet or Ikea. Be buyer beware, you do need to shop around. I went to a shop called New Generation Lighting, asked for a set of slim florecent light. It was a no frill experience. THe workers aren’t that particularly helpful. The price came out to $270. Went across the street to Spectrum Light. Same stuff. Staff was very helpful trying to help me save money by using the parts that came with the light set. Same set of light came out to be $145. Two other notible ones are The Light House and Lighting Craftman, which sells the same thing as the other ones does on the strip but at 20% less. Good guy, good service.

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