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NYC Sushi

I went to blue ribbon for the first time last Thursday. I was surprised I’ve never been there after all these time. Partly because of the review that I’ve been hearing about is not about the blade work or the quality of the fish, or the innovative use of traditional ingredient, but instead that the piece of fish is very big.

Fish comes in season just like vegetables. Every year between the end of October to the start of December the variety of fish increases dramatically. And that’s the time to hit the good sushi restaurants in NYC. Most of them usually import their fish directly from Japan and the west coast, and when the supply is abundance, it make economical sense to get the more interesting items.

It was an awesome treat. My friend and I had two type of uni in the shell–one from Santa Babara and another from Maine, orange clam on the shell, cherry sea bream (madai), ice fish, golden sea bream, wild horse mackerel from Japan, sweet river shrimps and the best of all, yuzu pepper sea eel.
Of the many high end sushi restaurants in NY that I’ve been to, my favorites (if not considering budget) are: Sushi Zen, Jewel Bako sushi bar, Blue Ribbon, Sushi Yasuda, Sushi Seki, 15 East sushi bar, Jewel Bako main dinning room, Matsuri, Ushiwaka Maru and Sushi of Gary.

Hm… Where should i go next?

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