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La Traviata

Went to see Renee Fleming perform La Traviata last Wednesday.  All ticket were sold out long ago so I bought standing room ticket last minute.  It was as good as it can get (unfortunately I have to go by myself).  The story was about a young countess, Fleming of course, doesn’t believe if love, got wooed by this young men, later died of sickness.  As the title progresses, the countess’s tone went from bright and powerful to mournful with plenty of sound stage.

One thing is you do get what you paid for.  Normal European opera house are 3 stories high, seating maybe 500-700 people.  The Met is probably 3 times as big, which means the sound has to fill a bigger space and her voice has to travel further.  On the top of the ceiling, I can definitely feel the sound getting a little weak.  I would absolutely go see this again next year, with better seats.

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two and a quarter seat

Went to Del Posto this past Monday for dinner.  The pasta were great, but the coolest thing was that the restaurant has these little seats for the women’s handbag.  They are 1/4 the height of the chair and come in matching style with the chairs: mohargony legs and overfilled top cushion covered in French styled fabric.  It make a lot of sense as the bag don’t have to take up a seat or sit on the floor or hung around the chair.  The handbag seat but the bag at a height that the diner can reach the content easily.  Next time you go there remember to ask for them.

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