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Emergency response team

We’ve just upgraded our swine flu response team at work from Silver to Gold. Wait, Gold and Silver?  Can’t they come up with normal names like Red and Amber?

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Burbon night

Went to a bar with 150 burbon called char #4.  The barman recommended 4 of them and when I describe one of them as fishy and salty like a Islay malt,  he’s totally confused.  Then I realized the term “fishy” that I have been usign to describe whiskey I was actually referring to a Chinese food item “preserved salted fish” that few people in the state knows about.

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Storing macaroon

I like macaroons, but they have such a short shelf life that I can only get one or two at a time.  Put some macaroon and a wet sponge in my wine fridge last week.  They are still good ;D  I think they will prbably last a few more days too.

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Finally got a reservation to k…

Finally got a reservation to ko. Will have to see what all the fuss is about

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After living in NY for so many years, finally, my first attempt to get a proper pizza.  I remember when I was in Seattle we used to drive 30 minutes to Columbia City just for a true Napoli style pizza.  It was well worth the drive.  The pillowy, chewy and nutty crust, topped with simple ripe tomato sauce, a few slices of mozzarilla and a few leaf of bazil.  The unfortunate part about pizza in NY is every corner there is a pizza place, and all they sell are thos plasticky slices that they reheat just before serving to you with oil driping from it.  Inexpensive, filling, at least that’s the reputation.  So many people frawn when they hear me say I want pizza and a nice super Tuscany for dinner.

Anyway, this place I went to is called Luzzo.  I got a take out cuz I needed to rush to dance class, so naturally, I eat it in the subway.  I finished the whole pie in about 7 minutes and believe me I would finish it quicker if I could.  I was suprised at how quickly the flavor degraded as the pizza gets cold.  But it was almost everything I was looking for.

$18 for a 12 inch pie.  Expensive, but for a proper pizza, I am satisfied, until I found a better place…

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