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A year of change

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  • January 1st, 2006

    I got a christmas card from Edith. “It’s a year of change for both of us”, she said. She started her graduated study on architecture policy in London. Me? I left my job at Amazon and moved back to New York. Was it a good change?… I left some people I enjoyed working with. I left a few good friends. I left a job that will afford me a nice house in the suburb, two SUVs and a dog, which a lot of people in the country are working their life towards. Instead I opt for a chance to open up different doors to the different worlds that exist around me. I believe the random step that I take along the way will help me out later, either for my career or as a person. I carried out a job as a sales associate at Zales. I moved closer to my family, closer to a city that’s struggling to survive. I freed myself up for the opportunities that lies ahead.

    I have no idea what it is, but change is always good. But not being afraid of change is even more important. My friends are still my friends. I am sure they will miss my cooking and come visit at some point ;) A few people whom I enjoyed working with has move on with their career, but I am sure we’ll cross path at some point. So far I am pretty glad I made my move.

    As of now, I am working on my cover letter…

    In Renaissance’s time, an engineer would earn his title by stepping up to a challenge; employing engineering disciplines to solve a problem that would benefits the greater community. Most of these problems were without precedence. To accomplish the job, an engineer not only has to process broad and deep technical knowledge in different fields, he also has to have the drive and determination to learn and solve every problem that arises along the way.

    Such disciplines are still well alive today. Today, a “renaissance engineer” would master his or her skill through real world practices and experiences. To design an optimal solution, he or she must have a good understanding of economics and business realities of the problem. To lead a successful execution, he or she would need to have an appreciation for individual differences and have the ability to communicate with people with different background and skill sets.

    These are the very qualities that allow me to carry my responsibility as an engineer. I enjoy the challenge of a dynamic environment, and will continue to leverage engineering disciplines to anticipate tomorrow’s problem.

    What is your new year plan?

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