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  • January 2nd, 2006

    For New Years dinner I made lobster risotto and margarita pizza. When I was at the checkout lane, the cashier started an interesting conversation:

    cashier: (picking up a brown paper bag) What’s this?
    me: It’s a lobster
    cashier: (open eyes really big) Is it alive?
    me: It better be!
    cashier: (looking concerned) Oh, I didn’t know we sell lobster pounder. Try not to bang it around, ok?
    me: Thanks
    me, a minute later: (Was she trying to tell me that banging it make the lobster scared and the adrenaline would make it less tasty, or was she really concern about the lobster? Hm… good that I didn’t tell her it’s my dinner. That would keep her up all night, wouldn’t it?)

    So imagine if your pharmacist refuses to sell you the morning after pill, or creates an environment that’s uncomfortable for you to buy one. Should store employees have the rights to express their opinion to their customers when it’s not being asked? Freedom of speech give us the right to say what we belief. But as a store employee hired to perform a certain job, the freedom of speech in this case have a conflict with job performance. Some argued that we do have a choice on where we work, thus in this case if your freedom of speech is in conflict, one should go find another job. Does that mean Rosa Parks should go find anohter bus if this one doesn’t let her sit with the rest of the folks in the front?

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