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  • March 1st, 2006

    Microsoft published a lot of useless entry level books in the past, but recently they having been doing do an amazing job in the software architechtures field. This one (which Karen recommended to me) is called .Net Framework Design Guideline.

    It a summary from Microsoft’s years of being in the software development business. It cover topics like API design, type definitions, exceptions, performance measurement and so on; which is not only useful in .Net, but pretty much under any environment. The best thing is it came with a DVD which covers classes the author taught in Microsoft.

    I’ve uploaded the DVD up if you guys want to take a look. THe content is also hiding in Microsoft’s .NET stuff. Highly recommended. Definitely well worth the money.

    I am starting to read their pattern and pratice series books. From fliping the pages it seems pretty useful. I’ll have to see once I start going into it.

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