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Social Expectation

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  • March 5th, 2006

    Saw a play called “Kiss and Cry” with Christina on Friday. The play was a romantic comedy about a gay figure skater and a lesbian actress; who tried to conform to societies’ expectation and pretended to be together in front of public eyes. It was quite interesting as it tried to question the conflict between expectation and our own value system. The lead and supporting female character plays the extreme opposite view of an artist, where one seeks the approval of millions and the other tried to change one soul at a time.

    I think every culture–be it the wholesome Christian community, the African American neighborhood, the Asian American grapevines–there is a certain expectation of how we should behave. Any deviation from that expectation could risk being coined as “not acting black” or “not acting Chinese”. One of the very interesting point the play tried to make was as an artist, are we doing art for ourselves, or for other people.

    Of course how other see us plays a huge part in how we see ourselves. At the very least we learn a lot of our moral values from observing others. And certainly people I care about have a big influence on what I think. But what become interesting is when the moral values that we picked up deviates from the society’s expectation. That’s what makes individual an individual. That’s the fundamental force that makes American what it is today.

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