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The FDA and plan-B

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  • May 8th, 2006

    Since when do we allow our prist give medical advise?  And if not, what in god’s name (excuse me for this one) is FDA telling the Americans if they should allow to get a monrning after pill called plan-B or not?

    The job of the FDA, (food and drug administration, for those who forgot), is to oversee the safety of the drugs that’s avaliable to Americans.  That include making drugs that are relatively safe such as Claritan readily avaliable to you and I without a prescription.  Now the FDA has stepped beyond its boundary and use social behavial prediction as a reason to ban having plan-B be avaliable over the counter.  The efficiency of the drug depends on timely intake the morning after intercourse.  FDA’s job is to evaluate if this drug is safe, and if making it avaliable over the counter may benefit those who may need it.  Instead, they decided that american are not capable of deciding for ourselves and they have a role in setting the moral value for us.

    We might as well ask our priest to do our triple bypass.

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