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Annie Leibovitz

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  • November 26th, 2006

    Went to Annie Leibovitz’s exhibit at Brooklyn Museum today (yes, it is next to the Botenical Garden). Annie is a fabulous celebraty photographer who is good at making her subject feeling comfortable. This exhibit’s title is called “A Photographer’s Life”. It is one of the most complete collection of her work that I have seen.

    What intrigues me is the dominance of feministic view in her collection. (in a way makes me want to find out more about her and Susan) The way she poses her subject, stage her set. In one of her picture, she was able to make Donald Trump and his demonstration od wealth slaved to his wife. It is also the first time I get to see her preference of color cast (CYAN) on her pictures, given them a cold and lonely feeling. But by far my favorite is the one with a nude women’s back with both vibrant cyan and magenta in the picture. I could never have printed something that good in 1 year’s time.

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