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4 years from now…

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  • November 28th, 2006

    I am just curious if my outlook is a lttle too long or if am being too critical to my developers. Here are some of the feedback I am giving to my developers.

    • try not to rely on the position of the input parameter. Suppose someone need to add a new parameter. In order to support two running version of the calling code without taking an outage (one with the new param and one without), he would have to check if that position is NULL then process. Over time (in about 4 years), the code will get so many paths that it is unmanageable. My suggestion is to go with name value pair whenever possible.
    • Try to see if you can use switch case for the tag substitution. This would make sure we adequately cover all cases and handle all tags.
    • Do not use umlaut as separator. SEPARATOR_Column = (char)200; There are people with umlaut in their names. Try to use “|” or charater like that, and have escape charater build in.

    I was talking to Angie the other day about development attitude in non engineering shop. No body knows what is goign to happen in 4 years, and the popular phrase is that you don’t need a mercedes, you just need a car that runs. But then by the law of entropy, if I let this in as the first line of code, what shape will it be in 12 months?

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