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  • August 17th, 2007

    My date was making a comparison between engineers and the creative type that I found very amusing.  She said engineers are like designers, they always try go for perfection.  If you give them 10 years to improve the system, they will take the whole 10 years; until there is nothing left to improve on.  It is true in a certain way.  If you ask me to build a system without time constraint, I’ll probably design something that run itself, self recover and not page me for stupid shit like disk full or database unavailable.
    But in the business world, most people don’t behave like engineers or designers.  For one, on one in the business world understand something called the creative zone.  It describe a period when you finish loading the entire problem into your head, and starting concentrating in one single problem, filtering out and ignoring all distraction in your surrounding.  That when you get the most productivity out of it.

    If you ask me, I don’t believe in multi tasking.  At least not well.  If you have to context switch (switching task) every 10 minutes, you never get a chance to even load the problem into your head.  And if you get interrupted all the time, you instinctively avoid getting into the zone, because  being cut off while you are in it is extremely painful.

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