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Microsoft photosynth

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  • January 3rd, 2008

    Microsoft did this prototype product where you can navigate a set of 2D photos photos in 3D. http://labs.live.com/photosynth/video.html  Pretty interesting application I have to say, esp for street maps and battle field recreation.  Imagine taking a series of photos, upload it and have a halo map of your house back.  I thought about what would it take for you to do that.  Basically you’ll need:

    • longitude
    • latitude
    • altitude
    • point
    • tilt
    • zoom length (angle of view)
    • time (optional)

    You just need to stick the first 5 into the data link of your camera.  I search online.  Currently there is no hand held GPS device that has a both a compass and a tilt sensor, although Garmin has a patent out for one.  I thought about hacking the Wii Remote to hijack it’s motion sensor and strap it to the camera, reset to base when camera boots up. But most camera out there doesn’t have bluetooth input capability either…

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