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Tofu ice-cream

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  • July 26th, 2008

    Tried making tofu ice-cream this weekend.  I was experimenting with both store bought American made tofu made for smoothie and homemade tofu from Japanese soy milk.  The store bought tofu is a lot whiter, has a lighter texture and a chalky after taste; where the home made one from Japanese soy milk has a yellowish color and denser.

    According to this paper , a higher concentration of calcium chloride solution in the tofu making process will yield more tofu mass.  So commercial process tofu will likely to have a chalkier taste.  Next time I’ll probably do 100% home made tofu, reduce the sugar and no eggs.

    3.5 cups of Japanese soy milk

    4 tbl spoon or nigari

    1/2 cup of heavy cream

    1/2 cup of sugar

    2 egg yolk
    Bring 3 cups of soy milk to 165 degree, stir in the nagari.  Let stand for 10 minutes, do not stir.  Strain with cheese cloth, blend in blender and return to pot with the rest of the liquid.  Beat the sugar and egg yolk in a seperate bowl.  Bring liquid to boil, and temper the egg by adding the hot liquid slowly.  Reutn the mixture to the pot, bring it to rudding consistency usign low heat.

    Refrigerate overnight and follow the instruction of your ice-cream making machine.

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