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Dear president bush

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  • December 14th, 2008

    Dear president Bush

    I would like to congratulation on your decision to consider using the 700 billion dollar originally allocated to stabalize the banking system to bail out the auto industry. There is nothing more delighted to see our government supporting philantropy at a time like this. I am a small business man in New York city, and I too run a money loosing business. My business model calls for me occasionally take our fine young tax paying female to suppport our local resturant, bars, florist, theater and other hard working merchants. But for some reason I don’t make any money on my business. That’s a shame because my business do support a lot of hard working americans who may loose their job otherwise. I am writing to you on behave of these good american tax paying citizens that you give me a bailout. To show some comitment, I’ll be taking my date on the subway instead of a cab. I will look forward to your check in the mail.


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