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getting harrassed by the phone support guy

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  • July 14th, 2005

    Got harrassed by the hardware support guy today. I filed a request to get a laptop shell (laptop without the harddrive), expecting to get it the next day via inter office. The dude called me at my desk, which I am not always at. I had an instruction saying I don’t check voice mail and tell people to call my cell. The dude launched into a big fuss about not answer the phone and checking voice mail and that the phone is provided as a tool to do my job, and he’ll take it away, and that I need to talk to him in person to get a replacement keyboard.

    Grow up! Drop the keybard in the mail and be done with it. Low and behold he disconected my phone. But when you think about it, the keyboard (or the desk phone for that matter) is the center of our morden world, and everyone should worship his dick to get one. It’s a previllege to even get one. There are many people in the world without keyboard. I should go back and suck his dick tomorrow.

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