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  • April 12th, 2004

    Closure: an act of closing, the condition of being closed. But not
    found in Webster is the feeling of completion, the feeling of relief,
    often came after a period of grief or heartbreak. It also signifies a
    beginning of a new period. When I saw her last week she was so
    gorgeous I can fall in love with her all over again. She still have
    these eyes that could melt me away. But then things have changed. She
    has gotten engaged since the last time I saw her. I went to see her
    with this mixed bag of feelings: happy for her as a friend; and a sense
    of lost. She was very comforting. The food was less than perfect but
    the evening was enjoyable. It was like seeing an old friend. Not too
    many word was exchanged, but we still care for each other as a pair of
    good friends. Sometimes knowing and accepting are two different
    things. I have come to accept that things have heppened all for the
    better and I am happy for her. I guess I’d call that a closure.

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